A Civil War coming to BCH

But are the fans ready for it? Will the fans defeat these forces?

The problem:

There is huge infighting in the BCH community.

In short there two group:

Craig and NonCraig

Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin ABC dislike Craig-which is kinda bad bc they are the main devs…
Sources: Too many….
And it gets worse with the miners. Jihan and many miners disliking the constant hardforks and want 1 minute blocktime.

So you might ask who supports Craig Wright?
Nchain,Coingeek, and his cult….

Nchain is like the most disgusting worse version of Blockstream. While Blockstream has conspiracy theories that sounds to dumb to be true and with no facts, Nchain acts are shown with facts. Blockstream builds stuff that you can respect.

Nchain patents so much crap that does not make sense in an opensource crypto. This patent moves I would say was giving them, more leverage for them to become a dominate power. If any node implantation wanted to be its own, Nchain might deny them and as such it pulls BCH to Nchain.
However with the two major Nodes client not full supporting them… They have to do something right?

They did and we will talk about it later in this post! But we have to talk about Coingeek because they are a major Nchain ally.

Coingeek- one of the most bias new sites I ever saw.
Calvin Ayre-is the owner of Coingeek and a pretty rich guy. He has no coding skills but alot of money.

As such Coingeek has 20% of BCH hashrate. And added with the fact that they made deals to further distance themselves form Bitmain: https://news.bitcoin.com/squire-partnership-gives-coingeek-exclusive-rights-to-10nm-asic-chip/
Craig allies are getting ready.

The cult part? IDK if they are real but they are people who think CSW is Satoshi. They kick/exclude anyone who disagrees with their ideas.

So how do they all connect?
Nchain is the “tech arms” and Coingeek is the funder. The “cult” is the supporters.

But what do you mean by civil war-dear writer?

The tensions are running high. Huge divide occurring. Today as of 8-16-2018 shows it:

What does BitcoinSV mean?

Yep Nchain has their own node client:

If you read this post: https://coingeek.com/statement-calvin-ayre-coingeek-bitcoin-protocol/

You can see that they are going to do a hardfork even if their is no consensus:
And even threatening for consensus :
And deny to support any changes that they disagree with. They’ll just not support it lol

Miner did not agree to this but oh well.
A hardfork is gong on without the miners-the noncoingeek ones…
But hey atleast they have devs now!
Nchain is becoming to powerful in BCH.

A civil war is coming but will the BCH fans protect and keep their chain going?


This is a repost on to Bitcointribune from my steem article: https://steemit.com/crypto/@sames/a-civil-war-coming-to-bch


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