Bitcoin Cash Creator has been banned from the BCh slack group

One of BCH creators and main developers has reportedly been removed from the BCH’s Slack group.

The BCH Slack channel showing that a number of users had been looking for Amaury, or @deadlinx, and had no idea what happened to him.


“Censorship-proof no more”

BCH fans always brag that they never censor posts/users. But this has always been wrong:

Many bch redditors began asking why Amaury was banned and who it was that banned him.

One Redditor responded by saying it was maybe due to him being “very loud about Pre-Consensus”, however, he said it was not really a good reason to ban him. Meanwhile, some users said they were disappointed because people should not be banned for having “opposing views.”

This slack is often said to be a CSW circlejerk. The mod of the slack has been known to be procraig. Not ever in BCH likes BCH but Nchain is a huge influence in BCH-some can even say more than Blockstream is in Bitcoin.  Many miners and deadlinx both disagree with BCH majorly but Craig has something specail-claiming to be the creator of Bitcoin. It has never be proven and there has more proof that he is lying but a huge % believes Craig is Nakamoto!

BCH Development nonexistent

Amaury, who led the effort behind the development of Bitcoin ABC, one of the first and most used implementations of the Bitcoin fork, has been banned from the BCH slack at a time when other concerning reports regarding Bitcoin Cash’s development have also surfaced.

Based on statistics from Github repositories, the ongoing development efforts for the Bitcoin (BTC) network have been quite steady, however, it appears that since April, there has very little development work going on for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) platform. In fact, BTC had  2-megabyte blocks faster than BCH and segwit has far more adoption than BCH.

Additionally, security experts have pointed out significant (potential) vulnerabilities in the Bitcoin Cash network.


Not only does it seem that development work behind BCH is stalled, was recently “forked” to launch a more neutral, “community-maintained” Bitcoin (BTC) website.

Given the controversial behavior and actions of the BCH community, the recent ban of a Bitcoin Cash developer from one of the cryptocurrency’s communication channels does not seem too surprising after all. Many people say this is the continued saga of thee scam coin and shitfeast known as Bcash.

Funny fact, is that Amaury after getting block posted on r/bitcoin and called it bcash.

As a redditor stated:

When the creator decides to rename his creation, I think everybody should respect this!

From today on, it is completely legit to call altcoin BCH “Bcash”. Nobody should be triggered by this and no middle fingers anymore please!

So what do you think of this event in the BCH ecosystem? Comment below!

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